Digital Cinema Initiatives



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China Film Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (CFG-BARCO) »

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Digicine Oristar Technology Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd »

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Nanjing Lopu Technology Co.,Ltd. »

NanoLumens, Inc. »

NEC / Sharp NEC Display Solutions, Ltd. »

NEC Display Solutions Ltd. has changed its company name to Sharp NEC Display Solutions Ltd. All references to NEC Display Solutions Ltd. in the following documentation apply to and are effective for Sharp NEC Display Solutions Ltd.


QSTECH Co., Ltd. »

Quantum Media Systems »

Qube Cinema, Inc »

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. »

Shanghai Muge Technology Co., Ltd »

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Shenzhen INTELA Laser Technology Co.,Ltd. »

Shenzhen Timewaying Technology Co., Ltd. »


Ultra-Stereo Labs, Inc. »

Unilumin Group Co., Ltd. »


Note Regarding Direct-View Screens

As of December 02, 2023, CTP 1.4 will be in effect. CTP 1.4 contains image testing designed specifically for Direct View screen systems which previous compliance test plans lacked.

Existing Direct View devices listed on this page were tested prior to the development of CTP 1.4. It should be noted that they have been tested under the legacy Projector-based CTP which did not contemplate the specifics of Direct View technology. As such, these devices are largely untested with respect to image performance.

Manufacturers of such Direct View displays are encouraged to retest under CTP 1.4 (or later) to ensure their performance meets the requirements of the latest DCI Direct View Addendum.

DCI encourages consultation with additional industry experts to ensure a thorough understanding of the issues and limits with direct-view systems, including but not limited to sound reproduction.


Note Regarding Laser-Illuminated Projectors

Having passed the CTP in its current form, DCI is now listing some laser-illuminated projection systems as compliant. However, DCI has not performed a comprehensive assessment, similar to original system testing, of the imagery of laser systems on various available screen types. Additionally, the possibility exists for anomalies in the projected image. DCI is taking steps to add new image tests to future versions of the CTP. In the interim, DCI encourages consultation with industry experts to ensure a thorough understanding of the issues and limits, if any, with laser-based systems.