Digital Cinema Initiatives


DCI Releases DCI Specification, DCSS Version 1.4.3
Approved for Distribution on May 24, 2023
Digital Cinema Initiatives, LLC, Member Representative Committee


Digital Cinema Initiatives, LLC (DCI) has published a new Version 1.4.3 of its Digital Cinema System Specification (DCSS), approved for distribution May 24, 2023.


DCSS Version 1.4.3 includes minor revisions and refinements as follows:

  • Add bandwidth calculations for 48 kHz audio
  • Remove Link Encryption (LE) description and requirements
  • Allow curved Direct View Displays
  • Allow 19 or 20 bits for the FM Location Payload
  • Specify the time period after which playback stops in absence of Integrity Pack Metadata
  • Clarify storage reliability requirements

The DCSS 1.4.3 is available as an online HTML edition and as a PDF file. The PDF version contains pagination and includes page numbers whereas the HTML version does not. The PDF version is considered the definitive instance of the Digital Cinema System Specification, Version 1.4.3.

There is also a redline version that compares DCSS 1.4.3 to DCSS 1.4.2, showing additions and deletions. The redline is available in an online HTML edition. Future DCSS revisions will modify the DCSS Version 1.4.3.


A permanent link to the HTML edition of the DCSS, Version 1.4.3, is:

A direct link to the PDF file of the DCSS, Version 1.4.3, is:

A permanent link to the HTML redline of DCSS 1.4.3 and DCSS 1.4.2 is:


These two addenda are supplements and integral to the DCSS.

DCI has released updated versions of the DV Addendum and the HDR Addendum. Changes against the 1.0 versions of those two documents are available as redline links below.



Errata for the Digital Cinema System Specification (DCSS), Version 1.4.3

Errata items continue to be evaluated and will be posted after agreement by the DCI membership that the specific erratum needs to modify the DCI Digital Cinema System Specification, Version 1.4.3.

Suggested Errata issues may be emailed to Stop Spam Image. Please include "Errata" in the subject line.