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The DCI Digital Cinema System Specification (DCSS) is intended to promote the widespread deployment of high quality digital cinema equipment that is interoperable and provides rigorous content security. The Compliance Test Plan (CTP) was created by DCI to provide a uniform testing procedure for demonstrating compliance with the DCSS. Manufacturers may demonstrate compliance by developing equipment in accordance with the DCSS and its referenced SMPTE, ISO and FIPS standards, and then submitting the equipment for testing to a third-party entity licensed by DCI to administer the CTP.

DCI Publishes CTP Version 1.4.1

Approved for Distribution April 24, 2024

Digital Cinema Initiatives, LLC, Member Representative Committee


CTP Version 1.4.1 Summary of changes since 1.4b

  • Narrow the scope of Procedure 10.4.67 to Media Blocks
  • Remove Procedure 10.4.3 Security Devices Self-Test Capabilities
  • Remove Procedure 10.4.83 Encrypted Auxiliary Data Processing
  • Delete Procedure 10.4.55 Logging of Failed Procedures
  • Delete Procedure 10.4.17 Key Usage Time Window
  • Remove ASM and LE tests and references
  • Clarify the objective of Procedures 8.2.12 and 8.2.13
  • Specify pass/fail criteria for 10.4.1 Theater System Reliability
  • Remove ingest storage and network performance tests
  • Add summary of changes Appendix K
  • Fix test material filenames of Test Materials A.6.133 and A.6.134
  • Delete unreferenced Test Materials A.3.65 and A.3.67
  • Add valid KDM for DCI 2K Sync Test with KDM-Borne MIC Keys
  • Add missing KDM for Audio Tone Multi-Reel (Encrypted)
  • Fix Test Material numbering from A.6.135 to A.6.139
  • Update the definition of Direct View Display to match that in the DCSS
  • Remove unused test materials A.2.228, A.3.61 and A.3.69


The CTP Version 1.4.1 is available both as an online HTML edition and as a PDF file. The PDF version contains pagination and includes page numbers whereas the HTML version does not. The HTML version is considered the definitive instance of the Compliance Test Plan, Version 1.4.1. There is a redline version that compares CTP 1.4b to CTP 1.4.1, showing additions and deletions. The redline is available in an online HTML edition.




Pursuant to DCI's Compliance Test Plan Change Policy Statement, CTP 1.4 went into effect, on Saturday December 02, 2023 – 120 days after CTP 1.4 was approved for distribution.

CTP Version 1.4.1 is a "stage 1" revision to CTP Version 1.4 and replaces it immediately.

All prior CTP Versions with links, redlines and release notes can be viewed in the Archives.



Revisions to the DCI Compliance Test Plan (CTP)

CTP Revision items continue to be evaluated and will be posted after agreement by the DCI membership that the specific CTP Revision needs to modify the DCI Digital Cinema System Specification, Compliance Test Plan.

Suggested CTP Revision issues may be emailed to Image_no_spam to Please include "CTP Revision" in the subject line.

Use of the Compliance Test Plan

The CTP facilitates testing of d-cinema equipment by detailing a set of test procedures and reference files to be used with the test procedures. These materials are described in Appendix A of the CTP, which allows the materials to be re-created from the descriptions, and used to achieve testing results equivalent to those achieved with the original reference files.

Testing Process and Testing Entities

Manufacturers of d-cinema equipment are encouraged to use the CTP to self-test prior to committing to formal testing. Manufacturers can contract with a licensed testing entity to perform the appropriate test procedure based upon equipment type. DCI has licensed the CTP to the following testing entities:

Aegisolve, Inc.
10133 Sherrill Blvd. Suite 110
Knoxville, TN 37932 USA
Attn: Mr. Travis Spann
+1-650-386-1436 tel.
+1-650-386-1495 fax

CineCert Inc.
2840 N. Lima St., Suite 110A
Burbank, CA 91504 USA
Attn: Mr. John Hurst
+1-818-563-1455 tel.

Keio University
Research Institute for Digital Media and Content
2-1-1 Hiyoshihoncho, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
223-8523 Japan
Attn: Dr. Kunitake Kaneko
+81-45-556-2153 fax

Compliance Test Plan Change Policy Statement


Publication of a new version of the DCI Compliance Test Plan (CTP) will take effect in two stages as determined solely by DCI in consultation with the licensed testing facilities in operation at the time.

Stage 1 will include changes that remedy errors to tests, clarify existing tests, or are required to facilitate the testing procedure. Stage 1 changes will take effect immediately upon publication of the CTP revision on the DCI website.

Stage 2 changes will include all other changes to the CTP not included in Stage 1. Stage 2 changes will take effect one hundred twenty (120) days after publication on the DCI website.

When a new version of the CTP is published and has taken effect based on the above, any device undergoing actual compliance testing or re-testing, as defined by an executed testing agreement, the described device being in the possession of the DCI-licensed testing facility, and at least one test has been initiated, may continue to test or re-test to completion using the version of the CTP in effect when that device's testing or re-testing began.

Approved September 30, 2010 Digital Cinema Initiatives, LLC, Member Representatives Committee

Compliance Test Plan Result Reporting

If a particular piece of digital cinema equipment passes the CTP, only the following data will be transmitted by the testing entity to DCI for display on this webpage:

  1. Test Completion Date
  2. Test Start Date
  3. CTP Version
  4. Testing Entity (Name, Address, Test Operator)
  5. Manufacturer, Make and Model of Subject Test Equipment
  6. Software Version Number(s).
  7. Firmware Version Number(s)
  8. Test Procedure Performed (DCP Test, Standalone Server Test, Standalone Projector Test, Projector with Media Block Test, HDR, SDR)
  9. Testament of Family Group (if provided).


Failed test attempts using the licensed CTP will not be reported to DCI.

Compliance Test Plan Result Scope and Durability

After a piece of equipment (defined by the model, software, and firmware combination) passes the CTP, it remains "compliant" only to the version of the CTP in effect as of the posted test completion date, and for purposes of compliance reported on this website, is compliant only in the version tested, using the software and firmware running when the test was administered.

Each DCI member company reserves the right to decide independently the extent to which it accepts the "compliant" classification, and also reserves the right to seek the corresponding detailed testing data individually from the manufacturer.

Notes on Compliance Test Plan Data

  1. Digital Cinema Initiatives makes additions or updates to this page only from information supplied by the appropriate testing entity.
  2. DCI does not have any additional compliance testing information or results about the listed equipment - please contact the manufacturer directly with inquiries.
  3. DCI shall not be liable for any exemplary, incidental, proximate or consequential damages or expenses arising from the use of this data.
  4. DCI's posting of compliance information as described is not intended to, and does not, constitute any statement, opinion, representation, evaluation or warranty by DCI, or any member studio, that any piece of digital cinema equipment is safe, suited to any purpose, method of operation or standard of quality, and is not an endorsement of any statement or representation by any manufacturer that any piece of digital cinema equipment is safe, suited to any purpose, method of operation or standard of quality.


Note Regarding Direct-View Screens

As of December 02, 2023, CTP 1.4 will be in effect. CTP 1.4 contains image testing designed specifically for Direct View screen systems which previous compliance test plans lacked.

Existing Direct View devices listed on this page were tested prior to the development of CTP 1.4. It should be noted that they have been tested under the legacy Projector-based CTP which did not contemplate the specifics of Direct View technology. As such, these devices are largely untested with respect to image performance.

Manufacturers of such Direct View displays are encouraged to retest under CTP 1.4 (or later) to ensure their performance meets the requirements of the latest DCI Direct View Addendum.

DCI encourages consultation with additional industry experts to ensure a thorough understanding of the issues and limits with direct-view systems, including but not limited to sound reproduction.

Note Regarding Laser-Illuminated Projectors

Having passed the CTP in its current form, DCI is now listing some laser-illuminated projection systems as compliant. However, DCI has not performed a comprehensive assessment, similar to original system testing, of the imagery of laser systems on various available screen types. Additionally, the possibility exists for anomalies in the projected image. DCI is taking steps to add new image tests to future versions of the CTP. In the interim, DCI encourages consultation with industry experts to ensure a thorough understanding of the issues and limits, if any, with laser-based systems.