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6 Figure 1 Replace Figure 1 with [Figure 1 Link].


7 Figure 2 Replace Figure 2 with [Figure 2 Link].


8 Section The first sentence is replaced with "This document specifies a DCDM for the purpose of exchanging the image, audio and subtitles to encoding systems and to the Digital Cinema playback system."


10 Section Change the three occurrences of 'should' to 'shall' in this Section to provide consistency with Section 1.4.


11 Section 3.1.2 The fourth bullet (Auxiliary Data) is removed


11 Section 3.1.3 The first sentence of the last paragraph of Section 3.1.3 is replaced with
"Metadata within the DCDM provides a method to synchronize image, audio and subtitles."


12 Section The entire paragraph of section is replaced with "The DCDM shall provide an image structure that shall use equally sampled tristimulus code values to represent each pixel. The maximum number of horizontal and vertical pixels shall be constrained to fit within one of the following image pixel arrays: The number of active pixels (e.g. the pixels of the image structure that are intended to be displayed) shall extend to the maximum in either the horizontal or vertical direction of the defined level of operation as shown in Table 1. For example, a 4K image file with a 2.39:1 aspect ratio would require an image pixel array of 4096 x 1716, therefore filling the horizontal resolution of the 4K container.
The pixel orientation, as displayed on the screen, shall be understood to flow from left to right and top to bottom. Also, the horizontal and vertical pixel count shall begin with 0. For example, the top left pixel of the displayed image shall be denoted as (0, 0).


13 Section Replace Table 1 with Table 1 Link


13 Section Section is replaced with "The center of the image structure shall correspond to the center of its image active pixel array. Horizontally, there will be an equal number of pixels to the left and to the right of the center point. Vertically, there will be an equal number of pixels above and below the center point. The center of the image structure will depend on the down stream mapping of the content. (e.g. HDSDI or TIFF Files) For 4K (4096x1716) image structure mapped to a TIFF file, the center is between horizontal pixels 2047 and 2048 (Note: pixel counts begin at (0,0)) and between vertical pixels 857 and 858. For 2K (2048x858) image structure mapped into an HDSDI stream, the center is between horizontal pixels 1023 and 1024 and between vertical pixels 539 and 540."


13 Section Incorrect Reference Given: Replace [CIE Publication 15.2 (1986) Colorimetry} with [CIE Publication 15:2004, Colorimetry, 3rd Edition]


14 Table 3 Replacement of Table 3 "Example Image Aspect Ratios" to change Pv of Level 1 2.39 Aspect Ratio to 1716 pixels from 1714 pixels.


14 Section The first and only sentence of the section becomes "The DCDM image file format is mapped into TIFF." The second sentence, "A single file shall only contain elements from a single reel" is eliminated.


14 Section Section is replaced and re-titled to "File Mapping". The new contents of the section becomes:
The DCDM Image Structure shall be mapped into the TIFF Rev 6.0 File Format and further constrained as follows:
  • 16 bits each per X', y', and Z' channel, stored in the nominal TIFF R, G. and B channels.
  • The DCDM gamma-encoded X', Y', and Z' color channels are represented by 12-bit unsigned integer code values. These 12 bits are placed into the most significant bits of 16-bit words, with the remaining 4 bits filled with zeroes.
  • The image orientation shall place the first pixel in the upper left corner of the image.
  • The DCDM picture file shall contain only the active pixels in the image. In other words, it is not allowed to pad the picture to the full size of the DCDM container.


15 Section The contents of Section "Synchronization" becomes: The DCDM file format is required to contain metadata that allows for synchronization of the images with other content:
  • Each directory shall contain only one contiguous sequence of frames.
  • For assembled reels, a separate directory shall be used for each reel with the following naming convention:
    • Composition.Name.Reel_#.
  • For inserts, the directory naming convention shall be:
    • Feature Name. Reel_#.Insert_#.
  • Each reel shall contain sequentially numbered frames, using the following file naming convention. All names when sorted alphabetically shall be in sequential order (leading zeroes required). Therefore, the only thing that changes in the sequence is the frame numbers.
    • Composition Name.Reel_#.Frame number.tif
    • Example: Stealth.Reel_1.00000.tif


15 Section The contents of Section becomes: Image information and parameters, required to successfully interchange the DCDM Image Structure, shall be provided to the mechanism that will ingest the DCDM. Each frame in the reel shall contain accurate and complete metadata, but it is permissible to read and extract the reelbased metadata from the first frame of a reel to use as a metadata "slate" for the rest of the frames in the reel. The information, as shown in Table 4 below, is the minimum required information to successfully interchange files.


15 Table 4 Table 4 is replaced with [Table 4 Link]


15 Section In Section, replace the word 'Material' with 'DSM Audio Material'.


16 Section Capitalize the section title word 'count' for consistency.


18 Figure 4 Replace Figure 4 with this (labels modified) version [Figure 4 Link]


22 Section 3.4.4 Replace the title words "Auxiliary Data" with "Show Control".


22 Section Remove the last sentence of Section that reads "If more extensive show control is required, then a show control DCDM auxiliary data file can be used."


24 Section Section is removed.


24 Section 4.4 A new first bullet is added to this codestream specification reading
  • " The capability parameter for a 2K distribution shall be Rsiz = 3, for a 4K distribution it shall be Rsiz = 4."


25 Section 4.4 The third bullet after Table 7 is changed to "For a frame rate of 24 FPS, a 2K distribution shall have a maximum of 1,302,083 bytes per frame (aggregate of all three color components including headers). Additionally, it shall have a maximum of 1,041,666 bytes per color component per frame including all relevant tile-part headers."


25 Section 4.4 The fourth bullet after Table 7 is changed to "For a frame rate of 48 FPS, a 2K distribution shall have a maximum of 651,041 bytes per frame (aggregate of all three color components including headers). Additionally, it shall have a maximum of 520,833 bytes per color component per frame including all relevant tile-part headers."


25 Section 4.4 The parenthetical clause within the fifth bullet after Table 7 is changed to "(aggregate of all three color components including headers)". 46 25 Section 4.4 The note on the fifth bullet after Table 7 - change the end of the


25 Section 4.4 The note on the fifth bullet after Table 7 - change the end of the sentence from 'per color component' to 'for the 2K portion of each color component'.


30 Section The third sentence of Section is replaced with "Each of these essence or metadata containers could be image, sound, subtitle (Timed Text, and/or subpicture) or caption data".


32 Section Bullet 3 of Section is modified to read "Reels are required to be composed of one or more Essence Track Files (e.g. Picture Only, Sound and Picture, Sound and Picture and Subtitle, etc.)


32 Section The second sentence of Section, "A Track file length is always equal to its associated Reel Length", is removed.


35 Section In Section, change Bullet 4 to read 'Active Horizontal Pixels (Ph)' and change Bullet 5 to read 'Active Vertical Pixels (Pv)'.


36 Section 5.3.6 Re-titled "Auxiliary Track Files and Extensibility" and the new text content is: "It may be necessary to package auxiliary data or nonstandard essence for a specific use case. In these cases the extension shall not interfere with the proper handling of the DCP by an otherwise compliant system. As a best practice, extensions should adhere to the requirements given in this section and to any extension requirements or guidelines presented in the relevant standards documentation." Subsections through are removed.


37 Section In Section, "Image Track Information (list for each reel)", the first sentence is changed to read "Any given image Track File shall have one or more Entry Points within a given composition playlist."


37 Section In Section, "Audio Track Information (list for each reel)", the first sentence is changed to read "Any given Audio Track File shall have one or more Entry Points within a given composition playlist."


38 Section Section is removed


45 Section Bullets 3 and 4 should have 'Show' preceding the word 'Timeline' in each.


52 Section Remove the sixth bullet in Section dealing with Auxiliary Data.


52 Table 9 Replace Table 9 (and Errata 3) with the following...
Page 57  Table 9


52 Section Remove the Last Line of Section "Auxiliary Data size:..."


53 Section The first sentence is replaced with "Another key component in the playback chain is the Media Block. One or more Media Blocks are responsible for converting the packaged, compressed and encrypted data into raw image, sound and subtitles".


54 Section In the second paragraph change incorrect reference "[AES3-1992 (r1997)] "to "[AES3-2003]".


55 Section Section is removed.


56 Section Item E "Auxiliary Data" of the second bullet in Section is removed.


57 Section In the first bullet text, change incorrect reference "[AES3-1992 (r1997)] "to "[AES3-2003]".


57 Section Section is removed.


60 Section Section is removed.


66 Section Replace "White Point Chromaticity" in the title with "Calibration White Point".


85 Section The reference to Section in the first sentence of the second paragraph is incorrect. It should be to Section


85 Section The following sentence is added to the end of the opening paragraph of section "From the security system perspective, SMS functions are those associated with 'category 1' Intra-Theater Messages of Table 15, page 103."


86 Sect
Bullet 2
The 2nd bullet is replaced with "The SMS digital certificate may be permanent to the SMS, or 'operator certificates' may be assigned to designated personnel (e.g. using a dongle, smart card, etc.) for association with the SMS."


86 Sect
Bullet 3
The secure silicon requirements of bullet 3 and the original bullet 2 are eliminated.


86 Sect Bullet 4 The 4th bullet is replaced with: "Identification of the SMS operator for purposes of the "AuthorityID" field (section shall be by: - Certificate thumbprint - Where 'operator certificates' are used, or Username/password or the like, as specified by exhibition management."


86 Sect
Bullet 5
The 5th bullet is eliminated.


86 Sect
Bullet 6
The 6th bullet is eliminated.


86 Sect
Bullet 7
The last bullet is replaced with: "The SM provides log records identifying the SMS for which it operates, as well as the AuthorityID field. In the case where 'operator certificates' are used, this information is the same (i.e. the digital certificate thumbprint).


89 Section Bullet 2 Remove "(including the SMS)" from last sentence of second bullet.


90 Section Bullet 1 The second and third sentences are changed to "This shall include validation of the authenticity and "trust status" of the suite SPBs, and delivery of all necessary keys per Section, Functions of the Security Manager (SM). SMs shall obtain trust status by confirming that the SPBs are listed in the TDL delivered as part of each KDM required for the entire Show Playlist.


90 Section
Bullet 1
The next to last sentence is changed to "Different compositions may have different requirements and the system shall check the SPBs against the TDL for each composition independently".


93 Section Item 9 (a) shall be replaced with "Suite preparation command (see Section PrepSuite) received from the SMS for the composition being prepared for playback."


93 Section In item 9c "The system shall check the SPBs against the TDL for each composition independently" is added to the existing text. In addition, the reference in item 9d is incorrect and should be "15" (not "14").


93 Section In item 11: "(via SMS 'PrepSuite' command)" is replaced with "(upon receipt of the SMS 'PrepSuite' command)". Item (11) is further clarified that the SMS shall issue the "PrepSuite" command within 30 minutes prior to each show time.


95 Section The following sentence is added to the end of the opening of Section (below the bullets and just before the start of Section "In addition to the specific requirements given for SPB systems in this section, all SPB systems shall meet the behavior requirements of Section 9.6.1 (Digital Rights Management)."


101 Section The last sentence of the 2nd paragraph (starting with "In the case of a fully integrated...") is eliminated.


105 Section Remove "SMS and" from the second sentence. The second paragraph is eliminated.


106 Section The second bullet note should additionally state "This does not mean SMs are required to internally store KDMs until they expire (where KDMs are stored is unspecified)." A third bullet note is added. "To avoid overloading the SM's KDM storage capacity, it is recommended that SMS functions include a 'PurgeKDM' command for category 1 of Table 15."


111 Section Bullet 4 should be amended to read "Recovery can take up to a 30- minute content sample for positive identification".


114 Section Due to incorrect numbering within Section, the last six sequentially numbered sections 2-7 should instead be numbered 4-9.


115 Section The following sentence is added to #11: "In no event shall remote SPB log records be overwritten prior to them being collected by the SM."


129 Section 9.5.3 Section 9.5.3 is replaced with:
"There are no physical constraints or requirements imposed on the SMS by the security system (i.e., no SPB requirements); however, the SMS implementation shall not otherwise weaken or effect the security operations of other Security Entities or SPBs."

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The DCI Digital Cinema System Specification Version 1.0 has been updated to version 1.1. Version 1.1 incorporates Erratum # 1 - # 148 into the body of its text. Version 1.0 and Erratum # 1 - # 148 are provided here for archival purposes.

Digital Cinema System Specification
July 20, 2005